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Dec 27, 2007, 5:24:35 PM12/27/07
to cni...@googlegroups.com
[.ai] I'm going to start writing here.

I want this particular Cniglic [.ui] forum to be a chatty place [.au]
for practicing [.uadai] and for expressing feelings [.e'e]. All a
post needs to do to be in Cniglic [.a'inaisai] is have one attitudinal
somewhere [.e'edai]. You don't even really need to understand most of
the attitudinals [.uanaidai] [.e'enaidai] in order to read &
understand what's going on [.uadai], and perhaps you might even be
able to get a feeling of what they mean [.uaro'idai] from context.

[.i'u] I've been learning Cniglic consciously for maybe a month, on my
own [.i'inai]. [.a'inai] Without much effort at all, I'm already
starting to feel fairly fluent in it [.e'esai]. I'm planning to
continue putting effort into it [.a'iro'e] and gently slowly seeing if
I can interest anyone else [.a'iro'a] in exploring it with me

I'm very open [ga'icu'i] to anyone else's idea or visions [se'inai]
for Cniglic [.iu]. I feel [ro'e] that I discovered it [.ua] within
the Lojban community [.io] more than invented it [se'anai]. Who knows
[.i'unai] what's left to discover about this strange little language

I'll write more soon [.ai]!


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