How to do a mental self-test of your cniglic knowledge.

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la stela selckiku

Aug 25, 2011, 4:41:10 PM8/25/11
to cniglic
A few of us worked out years ago in the Lojban IRC how to test
yourself on how much cniglic you know. The words mostly follow a
pattern, so you can remember which words there are even before you
remember what they all mean. Most of the scales are in the pattern
".V'V", where V is any of the vowels a e i o u. So you just go
through first the ".a'V" ones, ".a'a .a'e .a'i .a'o .a'u", and then
the ".e'V" ones, ".e'a .e'e .e'i .e'o .e'u", etc. That's twenty-five
out of thirty-nine. Then there's another ten that go ".iV" and
".uV". So then there's just four left: ".ai .ei .oi .au".

How many of them do you know so far? [.a'u]

mu'o mi'e la stela selckiku

te preti

Aug 25, 2011, 8:18:05 PM8/25/11
Hm, I was doing this informally before.

a'a -- attentive
a'e -- alert
ai -- intent
a'i -- effort
a'o -- hopeful
au -- desire
a'u -- interest

e'a -- I forget
e'e -- competence
ei -- bilga
e'i -- constraint
e'o -- please
e'u -- suggestion

ia -- belief
i'a -- I forget
ie -- agreement
i'e -- approval
ii -- fear
i'i -- togetherness
io -- respect
i'o -- I forget
iu -- love
i'u -- I forget (familiarity? lol, I should know this.)

o'a -- pride
o'e -- closeness
oi -- complaint
o'i -- caution
o'o -- patience
o'u -- relaxed

ua -- discovery
u'a -- gain
ue -- surprise
u'e -- wonder
ui -- happiness
u'i -- amusement
uo -- completion
u'o -- I forget
uu -- pity
u'u -- sympathy

I seem to know the cu'i/nai for a lot of these, if not all. I don't have the o'o to do all that at the moment :P

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mi'e la teryrei mu'o

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