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Olle Karlstrand

Jun 30, 2016, 10:17:19 AM6/30/16
to CmisSync
We use Office 365 Sharepoint as a cloud "file server" and I wanted to test the CmisSync because of the limitations in the Microsoft sync client but I can't get it to work.

When I enter our Sharepoint url and my credentials I get the error message "Login failed! Please check your user credentials....". I entered them correctly every time.

I then thought it could be that CMIS has to be activated but that setting is not available in our Sharepoint settings. Should CmisSync work with the current version of Office 365? Any ideas how I can resolve this?

Best Regards, Olle

Nicolas Raoul

Jun 30, 2016, 10:18:56 AM6/30/16
Hello Olle,

CmisSync is compatible with all CMIS servers.
But Microsoft has yet to enable CMIS on Office365.

If you really want to use CmisSync with Office365, here are two things that I recommend doing:

1) Give 3 votes to this idea on Microsoft Office's official uservoice:
Also enter a comment describing why you need CMIS.
And ask your colleagues to do so as well. Some people at Microsoft are really looking at this page, so posting there is actually useful.

2) Call your Microsoft representative and demand that they implement CMIS.
CMIS is actually already built into Office365, research shows that they voluntarily disabled the feature, thinking people would not use it.
So it is not that hard for Microsoft. If Microsoft salespeople get asked about CMIS enough, they will ask their technical team to re-enable it.

CMIS would allow you to use not only CmisSync but also a wide array of other CMIS clients.

Best regards,
Nicolas Raoul
CmisSync team

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