updating Content Stream with PUT / X-HTTP-Method-Override

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Jan 20, 2010, 2:08:49 AM1/20/10
to CMIS Interoperability
With CMIS Spaces Flex+Browser got all CRUD other than upload to work
by using BlazeDS proxy to work around non AIR limitations (that Flex/
Flash with AIR doesn't have)

For upload, on non AIR:
1. Can't get file content to include in a cmisra:content or
cmis:content (can on AIR)
2. Thus need to create document first with post, then do a put to the
content stream using the edit media link url
3. FileReference.upload is the only way to send file content to a
URL. It takes a URLRequest. On non AIR the URLRequest can only use
4. So I need X-HTTP-Method-Override header or equiv to change a POST
into a PUT

I tried a X-HTTP-Method-Override header with value "PUT" on Alfresco
3.2r2 and didn't seem to be supported
org.alfresco.web.scripts.WebScriptException: 00190003 Script url /cmis/
ce:SpacesStore/i/0db9c179-5552-47ae-97b2-fc68b9a4d758/content.txt does
not suppo
rt the method POST

Silverlight I think has some of the same restrictions. JavaFX? Ajax
libraries that use Flash for upload.?

Saw previous msg on this board that X-HTTP-Method-Override was taken
out of the spec method override would be repository. This needs to be
in the standard and standardized.


Jan 23, 2010, 9:58:27 PM1/23/10
to CMIS Interoperability
For in browser non AIR Flex / Flash
I found I could use a flash player 10 feature ( FileReference load
() ) to get the file content bytes to include in a cmisra:content
base64 encode in the initial create document xml

For later update to do PUT to the atompub edit media link,
would need to have servlet to receive a multi part form post from
Flash and do a non multpart put to cmis
(which could be done without needing CMIS to support X-HTTP-Method-

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