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Jorge Gallegos

Mar 12, 2011, 12:41:08 AM3/12/11

There have been some small but noticeable changes in the way the clusto gang communicates/collaborates. Below some bits:

 - We have moved the repository off the digg organization to a new clusto organization: This makes sense as the clusto community has spread out to other companies besides digg.
 - Along with that, we enabled wiki pages[1] on the github page for clusto: This will allow collaboration between individuals even if they don't necessarily develop for clusto, but still use it in shape or form
 - Given the above, we're trying to phase out the sphinx docs[2] we have in favor of wiki content: This doesn't necessarily mean that every bit of documentation already in the sphinx dir will be deleted. In Ron's words "stuff you wish were in the docs should go in the docs, stuff you wish was on a wiki should go in a wiki". Right now most of the content in the sphinx docs look like it should be in the wiki, so that's the reasoning.
 - Most of the current wiki porting has been done by the awesome people at linden labs, who are using clusto now (yay!), so personally I tip my hat to those guys
 - A slightly revamped homepage at

Other than that... there's been lots of goodies in the past year! (we're already at v0.5.32-4!), we kinda dropped the ball on sending new release notes to the list, so I gotta figure out an easy way to do that so it doesn't consume much time. If you use clusto or are interested in doing so, drop us a line here or on irc[3] and if you've found a bug let us know too[4].


[3] #clusto

Jorge A Gallegos <>


Mar 17, 2011, 5:04:17 PM3/17/11
to clusto
Hey Folks...

We've finished porting the Sphinx docs to the wiki. Feedback
welcomed. :)

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