Docker Swarm Overlay Network Problems

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Jacob Henderson

Feb 23, 2022, 11:24:45 PMFeb 23
to ClusterHAT
After following the instructions to setup a docker swarm on CNAT here, I then deploy a swarm stack with an overlay network. All nodes show up as active with `docker network ls`.

The docker services on the zeroes all fail to start with this error:

Feb 24 04:07:29 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:29Z" level=error msg="enabling default vlan on bridge br0 failed open /sys/class/net/br0/bridge/default_pvid: permission denied" Feb 24 04:07:29 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:29.470598391Z" level=error msg="reexec to set bridge default vlan failed exit status 1" Feb 24 04:07:45 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:45.506170587Z" level=info msg="ignoring event" container=f3a9592298684ed2915e91fbfe3e6927fa8c18ffff79be748c19d159e63fa69c module=libcontainerd namespace=moby topic=/tasks/delete type="*events.TaskDelete" Feb 24 04:07:50 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:50.137140295Z" level=error msg="fatal task error" error="task: non-zero exit (139)" module=node/agent/taskmanager Feb 24 04:07:51 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:51.765275512Z" level=warning msg="Error (Unable to complete atomic operation, key modified) deleting object [endpoint q1jpb5oeysmfn3k6uoq4p3maz 7848fd2496431f838fac9506f0f3f8e686a1fcdf7a54fbd6936b6b3c62ea0715], retrying...." Feb 24 04:07:52 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:52.017525461Z" level=warning msg="rmServiceBinding handleEpTableEvent huginn_web 25221c5d06c8e5af7a8525e73f36957d4f4fadb31a3b6a9a6afc1ae3847b3bdb aborted c.serviceBindings[skey] !ok" Feb 24 04:07:52 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:52.022805439Z" level=warning msg="rmServiceBinding handleEpTableEvent huginn_postgres 467cedda402a1cc269829637ff29d75d5be029443de5ca22291ee06f9a9b5d93 aborted c.serviceBindings[skey] !ok" Feb 24 04:07:52 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:52.025887427Z" level=info msg="initialized VXLAN UDP port to 4789 " Feb 24 04:07:52 p1 dockerd[10001]: time="2022-02-24T04:07:52.123869018Z" level=info msg="initialized VXLAN UDP port to 4789

This is the same issue described on github here. It only occurs with services attached via overlay. Unfortunately this is 90% of all use-cases where you'd even use a cluster. Can anyone help me out? I've also heard from some others that doing any actual cluster work requires CBRIDGE rather than CNAT. Any truth to that?

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