Delayed power on?

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Crispin Proctor

Feb 19, 2022, 7:30:47 AMFeb 19
Hi folks,

I have the cluster hat for rpi (not the rpi zero).

Is there a way I can set the power-on sequence? One of my pis is the storage server (has SSD with NFS shares) and the others are just dumb nodes.

Because there is less to do on the nodes they always start up before the storage pi and therefore all confused because they cannot mount the shares. 

So, option to delay power-on for certain pis?


Chris Burton

Feb 22, 2022, 4:17:23 AMFeb 22
to ClusterHAT
I assume you mean you have a ClusterCTRL Stack/Triple/Single when you say "not the rpi zero"?

If that is the case and the Pi running your NFS shares is connected via USB to the Cluster Stack controller you could set just the controller to auto power on and then use that to power on the other Pi once it has booted.

On the NFS server (controller).
Get the "order" from "clusterctrl status" output (see ).
Shutdown and then "clusterctrl off pX" for everything other than the controller Pi.
"clusterctrl savepos ORDER" replacing ORDER with the order number from clusterctrl status output.

The Cluster Stack will now only auto power on that Pi and you can use the controller to power on the other Pi once it has booted.

You could probably use something simple like "@reboot /sbin/clusterctrl on p2 p3 p4 p5" in crontab ( ) assuming p1 is the controller if you don't want to go a more complicated route of setting up a systemd service.

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