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Welcome to the CloudSim Plus group. 

This group is exclusive to discussions about cloud simulations using CloudSim Plus.
As CloudSim Plus yet keeps some backward compatibility with CloudSim, you can easily port your simulations to run in our framework.

Questions not directly related to CloudSim Plus, but involving projects such as CloudSim and its extensions or forks, should be posted only when you want to know if a given feature from these other projects exists in CloudSim Plus or could be implemented. 

While we will try to reply to every message, if you really want your questions to be answered, you are strongly encouraged to read the 

Feature Requests
If you desire a given feature to be implemented, you can check the project's Issues List to see if the feature is already there.
If your feature is not listed, you can create a new issue at the same link.
We don't assure to implement every requested feature, but if you followed all the instructions when filling the
issue form at the link above, it is more likely to get your request assessed and implemented.

You can contribute to this project in different ways. You can start by giving the project a star on the GitHub page. It is very important to promote the project.
You can check more ways to contribute here.

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