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Manoel Campos

May 1, 2020, 10:33:38 AM5/1/20
I know I could just get the arrival time of a cloudlet and subtract it by it's finish time using already available methods in Although, because of how CloudSim Plus increments time between events, the time wouldn't be exactly as above and would include some simulation time (scheduling interval time like 1 seconds or minimum time between event's like .
I don't think you can get such a precision and if that really matters. I think the way you compute it, is accurate enough. 
If this isn't possible is there a way to set a datacenter's scheduling interval to less than 1 seconds (say .10 for example) and have event's work properly?
It's a double value, you can set it as you need, but check CloudSim.setMinTimeBetweenInterval().
Check But you may be aware of issue #163. If you configure it wrong, you may face that issue, which is not CloudSim Plus' fault, but a configuration error.

Manoel Campos

May 1, 2020, 10:36:36 AM5/1/20

Is there also a way to make it so that the simulation time only increases when executing a cloudlet?
No, there isn't. Since CloudSim and CloudSim Plus are even-driven simulators,
lots of things happen in background besides cloudlet processing. 
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