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Jun 30, 2018, 6:11:41 PM6/30/18
to CloudSim Plus
Hello everyone,

After a lot of work in CloudSim Plus 2.x releases, we are proud to announce CloudSim Plus 3.0.
Despite there are just minor features that may pass unnoticed, it was made a lot of changes since version 2.3.

The new release provides a totally working network module, fixing bugs that were causing some simulation scenarios to freezy, 
such the NetworkVmsExampleBagOfTasksApp and NetworkVmsExampleSimpleApp examples.
It also fixes issues with the computation of file transfer time.

We'd like to thank Lahiaouni Abderrahman for contributing to fixing such issues.

The main feature in this new release is the replacement of the legacy and rudimentary CloudSim Log functionalities by the standard SLF4J as logging facade and Logback as the logging engine behind it. Such a feature enables defining levels for log messages and different colors. More important, it enables showing messages just for a specific level. That will make it easier to debug and check simulation results.

This feature required a lot of internal changes but made it simpler to show log messages.
For more details, check the release notes.

Best regards,

CloudSim Plus team.


Jul 26, 2018, 7:02:51 AM7/26/18
to CloudSim Plus
Could someone tell me which classes are modified or added in order to change thme manually?

Manoel Campos

Jul 27, 2018, 9:28:24 AM7/27/18
There is a huge number of changes that you can check at

This link is available at the release notes page.

If you want to include these new features into your fork, the most practical and reasonable way is to merge the changes into your fork. Check the documentation at

If you received an answer that worked for you, please be kind and reply to let everybody knows it worked.
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