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Aug 16, 2010, 11:42:48 AM8/16/10
to CloudAudit
Here's the initial release of the CloudAudit deliverables:

The CloudAudit initial distribution features five elements:

1) The CloudAudit normative specification in .txt format [cloudaudit-
2) The CloudAudit CompliancePacks archive of .xls files which map
controls/control objectives to namespaces
based upon the Cloud Security Alliance Control Matrix [cloudaudit-]
3) The CloudAudit namespaces archive which represents a complete
CloudAudit directory tree representation of all CompliancePacks
with placeholder index.html/manifest.xml created in each directory
stub []
4) The CloudAudit Python script pack which automates the creation of
the CloudAudit namespaces above
5) A README.txt file [this content]


* The CloudAudit normative specification is a high-level description
of CloudAudit and was submitted to the IETF as a draft. A more
technical overview will be provided under separate cover

* The CompliancePacks are provided here in the form of Microsoft Excel
documents exported from a library of Google Docs spreadsheets
maintained by CloudAudit volunteers. The basis for these
CompliancePacks are the Cloud Security Alliance's Cloud Controls
which can be found at

The CompliancePacks map control objectives to specific namespace
entities which are contained below and feature NIST SP800-53, PCI DSS,
HIPAA, ISO27002 and COBIT compliance frameworks. Ultimately these
directories are where a Cloud Provider will store and
secure the assertions and supporting materials related to each
compliance framework or assertion.

These namespaces will be checked in to our SVN repository for change
control management at

* The CloudAudit namespaces archive is a compressed version of a
complete skeletal set of namepsaces listed above. It is meant to
enable cloud providers, consumers and tool vendors to understand,
scope, and architect for what CloudAudit deployments will

* The CloudAudit namespace_creator script is a Python utility which
takes an input stream (provided) of CloudAudit namespace
entries and automates the creation of the namespace directories above.

Further enhancements and revisions will be made available. Scripts
that automate the population of namespaces are under
development as are additional features including versioning,
versioning and updates, etc.

Updates and current information on the CloudAudit project may be found
at and via the CloudAudit
Google group:
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