🌟Pinocchio is the secret to manifestation🌟

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Amity Shelley

Jan 17, 2024, 3:58:40 AMJan 17
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I’m guessing most people have seen Disney’s classic, Pinocchio, or are least familiar with the story of the wooden doll that desperately wants to become a real “boy”.

Well, it’s a lot more than a simple children’s movie.

Walt Disney, was a high ranking freemason with deep knowledge of the occult… and you can see clues of this throughout many of Disney’s movies.
For example, if you take the name Pinocchio…

Pin (pine) and occhio (Italian for eye) you have “pine eye”... or in other words… 🔆︎pineal🔆.. Which is 👁️your third eye👁️.

In the movie, in order to become a real boy… or to ascend… he had to stop telling lies… stop being deceived by his friends… stop getting intoxicated with alcohol amongst other things…

So really, Pinocchio is just an allegory for our pineal gland…

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And a lot of what’s in the story of Pinocchio holds true for us…

If we want to ascend… and achieve our 🌟highest state of consciousness🌟 by activating our pineal gland… you can get several clues on how to do this from the story of Pinocchio.

But that’s part of it…

If you want to see how to fully activate your third eye, and achieve a higher state of consciousness… where the life of your dreams is limited only by your mind, then all you need to do is check out this short presentation.👉️ https://rebrand.ly/PinealXt🔥

But please hurry, because this presentation 👉️ https://rebrand.ly/PinealXt🔥 may not be online for much longer.
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