PaaS DeathMatch, May 30-31, San Francisco

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Khazret Sapenov

May 7, 2012, 11:16:54 AM5/7/12

I'm excited to announce new series of `PaaS Deathmatch`panel discussions, co-hosted with 4th annual Cloud Slam'12 conference May 30-31, 2012 in San Francisco.

In this engaging format of knock-out panel discussions, “Players” (accompanied by one of their clients) will defend their platforms by presenting use cases / show benefits / discuss successes based on PaaS deployments. 

This inaugural PaaS Deathmatch series aims to cover following topics:

  • Depth vs Breadth: when do you need single language PaaS or multiple language PaaS 
  • IT and business perspectives on cloud platforms: problems and solutions, developer/user adoption; open source vs proprietary; application frameworks (Spring, GWT, Rails, Django etc.)
  • Future directions of cloud platforms (Private vs Hosted / Public PaaS)
  • Additional platforms: integration, security, middleware


  • ActiveState Stackato
  • AppHarbor
  • AppScale
  • EngineYard
  • OpenShift
  • WSO2


May 30, 10:30am, Match 1, Referee - Audience, Room D
May 30, 11:05am, Match 2, Referee - Audience, Room D
May 30, 2:20pm, Match 3, Referee - Audience, Room D
May 31, 10:30am, Match 4, Referee - Audience, Room D

The referees (independent analysts or audience) select the winner who will receive title recognition and complimentary sponsorship of a future event by Cloudcor. 

Only 70 tickets are available (seats are subject to availability on first come basis). 
Register Now and Pick Your PaaS DeathMatch ticket at 

Use #paasdeathmatch hashtag on May 30-31 to keep track of updates on Twitter 

Eamonn Colman

Jul 31, 2012, 9:00:50 PM7/31/12
You know, I kept googling "winner PaaS deathmatch" and I never found anything! I guess if no one wins enterprise adoption we all lose :)

Khazret Sapenov

Jul 31, 2012, 9:49:09 PM7/31/12
We've covered it on twitter that time, but here's what I remember off top the head:

If I'm not mistaken, by audience vote Stackato beat Openshift, AppScale beat AppHarbor, Stratos vs Cloudify was a draw.  

Qualifier matches were pretty interesting, participants felt more comfortable to "fight" off the record, 
but we've captured some photos and after-match interviews (in random order and only those who we were able to find):

some pictures (should have more, just need to look for it):

The final structure of DeathMatch is yet to be finalized (either elimination or quarters/semi/finals etc.), 
but the format proved to be very lively and engaging for both PaaS vendors and spectators,
who represented a broad spectrum of cloud enablers capturing technical side, while end users got some examples on business part.

Khazret Sapenov

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Miha Ahronovitz

Aug 2, 2012, 2:56:44 PM8/2/12
Khazret, while I can see the innovation as an event that creates lively discussions, the word "match" implies a winner and a loser.
Does a winner get more customers , more market share than a loser?

For example Stackato beat OpenShift. So what? OpenShift is backed by RedHat (and Eucalyptus) companies with powerful business dissemination.
In fact well connected CEOs can do wonders.

Stackato are underdogs, need the publicity. Technically, they are superb but they need some high power VCs and CEO

Stackato wins by technical arguments, but OpenShift wins the business by sheer size and business acumen of a very large company.

2 cents,

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