The view angles of cloud computing

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Owen Oriaku

Nov 19, 2011, 7:38:46 PM11/19/11
Hi  All,
I am new in Cloud Computing and just started my PhD programme. The purpose of this is to discuss how cloud computing could be perceived from different view angles. In my view, I have been able to identify five different view angles:
  • Top down View 
    • The overall cloud computing service criteria.
  • Service Provider’s View 
    •  What are the algorithms/techniques that make a cloud service offering a proper solution to the cloud consumer/user?
    • Which service providers are offering the criteria features in a technically challenging and solution complete to the cloud consumers?
  • Technical View – This is about the technical algorithms and protocol
    • What makes a cloud service viable for a cloud consumer on a platform (technically in terms of the cloud computing service criteria).
    • What are the algorithms & techniques that make each cloud computing criteria item work properly on any user platform?
  • Communication View
    • How does the algorithms & technicalities fit with each other in terms of the cloud service offerings i.e. connectivity, complexity, communications link?
  • Implementation View
    • How would a cloud consumer/user be offered a cloud service using a link on a particular platform with constraints?
    • What are the implementation issues in cloud computing?

I need your views on the above. Any contributions and ideas would be highly appreciated. In terms of User platform, I am referring to (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).

Owen Oriaku

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