The first draft of the whitepaper is out there!

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Doug Tidwell

Jul 2, 2009, 4:26:07 PM7/2/09
to Cloud Computing Use Cases
Hi everybody,

I've posted a first draft of the whitepaper in the Files section of
the group. Everything in the paper comes from your comments, so it
should look familiar. There are several areas that need a lot more

* First and foremost, customer scenarios. A couple of you have
graciously offered to contribute your scenarios, which is great. I
took a shot at a template for the information that should be part of a
customer scenario.
* The use case scenario "Changing middleware vendors" is focused on
cloud databases. That should be extended to cover other middleware
services like message queues, MapReduce, and others.
* The Cloud Broker use case scenario needs more details.
* Likewise, the Federation use case scenario needs more details.

Looking forward to your feedback!


p.s. Please note that the graphics for the use cases are
p.p.s. Adrian42 suggested a while back that we use The Jericho Forum's
Cloud Cube Model to diagram the use cases. If you haven't looked at
that paper (and you should), the Cloud Cube Model lets you put a
scenario into one of 16 different categories by choosing values in
four different dimensions. There hasn't been any discussion about
whether that's a good idea or not. If you have an opinion, post a
comment here or on the thread that Adrian started. Thanks!

Reuven Cohen

Jul 2, 2009, 5:18:13 PM7/2/09
Great work Doug, Et-al. I've shared the details of the draft white paper on my blog as well as on the CCIF mailing list.

Keep up the great work!

Blog post >



Jul 9, 2009, 11:12:41 AM7/9/09
to Cloud Computing Use Cases
Todd et-al;

Excellent work! The whitepaper shows judicious consideration of the
many issues.

However, I have the following criticism

The Cloud computing organization is highly focused and centered on the
IT industry to the exclusion of communications industry inputs.
Obviously computing environments are the core requirements for
enabling of SaaS, PaaS and marshaling of developer and enterprise
momentum. However, focus should be paid to services that enable
access to the cloud. In particular:

On page 7 the Taxonomy shows the service customer at the top level
with the service provider and, not implied as directly connected, the
service developer. In reality the service environment does now and
will increasingly involve a connection through broadband service
providers including mobile and hybrid network service operators.
These can exist as simple pass-through facilitators of flat IP
broadband service or may instill themselves as an imposing layer due
to cost structure or restrictions including abilities of devices to
provide classes of or specific programs and content.

The Taxonomy should include a layer, perhaps called 'transport
service' or 'mobile communications' layer that sits between the
service provider and
service consumer. Obviously not all connections are mobile or
otherwise require a intervening service provider or the mobile network
operator, as they definitely plan to do, will become the service
provider often in direct competition with the (unawares?) distinct
'computing industry'.

This is important because there are real costs, network-server-storage-
database implementations, and program and access control the resides
in wireless network operators that is critical to overall (sic) Cloud
Computing/Cloud ICT.


Robert Syputa
Maravedis, Cloud4G


Jul 10, 2009, 9:04:52 AM7/10/09
to Cloud Computing Use Cases
What's the best way to feedback suggestions on this?
Edit in word with "Track Changes", or would you like a post with line
#'s and comments?
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