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Johannes Grumböck

Sep 30, 2021, 7:45:31 AM9/30/21
to Cloud Carbon Footprint

I just pulled the latest trunk version and saw the forecast in the recommendations tab.
First, I really like it and it's a nice feature!
Second, I'm a little bit confused about the current and estimated totals: where are these values taken from, I mean, what's the timeframe they refer too?
It's confusing because they differ from the dashboard, where I control via the .env file how much data/what timeframe in max is shown.

Since the recommandationstab states that the data is based on 14days (or 8 days for GCP) I think it would make sense to display the same timeframe or at least let the user select a timeframe.

Best regards,

Dan Lewis-Toakley

Oct 5, 2021, 4:57:34 PM10/5/21
to Johannes Grumböck, Cloud Carbon Footprint
Hi Johannes, 

First off - thank you so much for calling out this issue - we really appreciate it! 

We're thinking this through and are considering making the timeframe for the current and projected total be monthly. So current monthly spend, projected monthly spend, and projected monthly savings. Then by default, we would use the last month of usage data to calculate these totals. This is pretty similar to what cloud providers have in their cost / recommendations related services - so hoping it would be a bit more intuitive.

We're also thinking we might remove the date period for the recommendations table and just say what they are based off of in the blue tooltip, to further reduce confusion. Now we might need to think about it some more because what if you had a spike in usage in the last month (after Christmas sales?) - this could affect the relative impact of the projection... But I thought I'd throw the idea out there anyway :) 

What do you / others in the group think about this approach?   


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Johannes Grumböck

Oct 6, 2021, 5:25:40 AM10/6/21
to Cloud Carbon Footprint
Hi Dan,

I like the idea of making it monthly and also title it so, then it's explicitly. 
Regarding the spikes: If you want to give the user the ability to "workaround" spikes in the UI, I think you would end up with a date-range selector for the forecast group.
Otherwise, you will always find edge cases where a fixed date range will not be suitable.

BTW: What about some new/another type of forecast: How would a region change/migration affect CO2e? Looking at our figures we were asking ourselves, what if we had our eu-central-1 workload in eu-west-1 instead?
But that's worth a separate discussion or issue. ;)

Best regards, Johannes

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