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Dan Lewis-Toakley

Aug 4, 2021, 1:40:27 PM8/4/21
to Gosia Gawedzka, Cloud Carbon Footprint
Hi Gosia,

Thanks for reaching out with this question! 

Right now, the usage type "LoadBalancerUsage" which would represent this, is in the list of UNKNOWN_USAGE_TYPES, so it is not currently included in energy and carbon emissions estimates for AWS. The same is true for "LCUUsage" but that is excluded by not including "LCU-Hours" in the PRICING_UNITS in the same file (packages/aws/src/lib/CostAndUsageTypes.ts)

However there are two potential ways around this:
  1. Given that the pricing_unit for this usage type is "Hrs" (Hours) or LCU-Hours, that would indicate that it could be a usage type of compute, as that's generally how you pay for compute usage. Given this, we would need to determine how many vCPUs are provisioned to support the usage of the load balancer, which is difficult based on the AWS documentation. If you want to decide an estimated number of vCPUs though, then the software could be updated to support this usage type. That involves a few different changes though so it might be easier if you can create an issue for this so the support could be added to the main repository :) 
  2. If we assume it's usage type compute but can't determine the vCPUs, then the application could calculate the metric tons of CO2e per dollar ($) for all the other supported compute usage types, then multiply that by the total $ spent on load balancer usage. This is actually something we are exploring right now because it would help with other unknown usage types. Here is the issue for that:
Sorry that this isn't the most simple answer, but hopefully once we implement either #1 or #2 it will be a lot easier for you to estimate emissions from AWS load balancing. 


On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 7:40 AM Gosia Gawedzka <> wrote:

I have a question regarding the AWS load balancing. Which usage category is the AWS load balancing? Is it compute, storage,  or networking? 
I am aiming to calculate the energy usage using the bill data. 

Many thanks for your help!


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