Error - Azure ConsumptionManagementClient.usageDetails.list failed

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Purva Dandekar

Aug 31, 2021, 3:28:42 AM8/31/21
to Cloud Carbon Footprint

I'm trying to setup ccf for Azure account. But I'm getting following error 

Unable to process footprint request. 
Error: Azure ConsumptionManagementClient.usageDetails.list failed. 
Reason: Subscription scope usage is not supported for current api version. Please use api version after 2019-10-01 (Request ID: )
[1] at ConsumptionManagementService.<anonymous> (C:\test\nodejs\cloud-carbon-footprint\packages\azure\src\lib\ConsumptionManagement.ts:187:13)
[1] at step (C:\test\nodejs\cloud-carbon-footprint\packages\azure\src\lib\ConsumptionManagement.ts:33:23)
[1] at Object.throw (C:\test\nodejs\cloud-carbon-footprint\packages\azure\src\lib\ConsumptionManagement.ts:14:53)
[1] at rejected (C:\test\nodejs\cloud-carbon-footprint\packages\azure\src\lib\ConsumptionManagement.ts:6:65)

(I have installed latest version of ccf in C:\test\nodejs)

I tried changing API version in  "test-azure-app\node_modules\@azure\arm-consumption\src\consumptionManagementClientContext.ts" file as "2020-06-01". But the same error is persisting. I tried to link core packages externally and change API version, package version from there but it wasn't helpful.

If anyone could guide me how to resolve this it would be very helpful.
Thanking in advance.

Danielle Erickson

Sep 9, 2021, 5:41:04 PM9/9/21
to Cloud Carbon Footprint
Hi Purva,

Thanks for reaching out.
We've actually now updated this, and if you pull the latest version of trunk, it should be fixed.

Let us know how that goes!
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Purva Dandekar

Sep 17, 2021, 2:45:27 AM9/17/21
to Cloud Carbon Footprint
Hi Deri,

I took the latest pull and with some little tweaks it is working now. Thank you so much for updating this.


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