AWS bill analysis/carbon footprint calculations

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Gosia Gawedzka

Sep 16, 2021, 5:08:50 AM9/16/21
to Cloud Carbon Footprint
I am doing some manual analysis of AWS pdf bills before I proceed to use the app.
I would like to know whether Lambda is running on Linux/Unix? 
Can I use average vCPU to multiply the unknown instances Hrs to get the actual usage ?

How can I find the number of vCPUs for Load Balancer? 
Should I multiple Load balancing Hrs by the number of LCU-Hours to get true usage for load balancing?  or should I multiply the load balancer hrs by the average vCPUs (4.5)? 

There are no descriptions of instance types in the pdf bill for storage, and networking.
Should I multiply the Hrs by the average vCPU (4.5) from Linux.unix instances?

How can I find the number of vCPUs for NAT gateway, the usage is in hours. Shoud I multiply those hours by the average vCPUs for Linux/unix. 

Do you include databases (RDS, MYSQL), in compute category?  I did not see it in your usage file.

Finally, I would like to know whether I should duplicate all the usage data in order to get the true usage?, do you think AWS duplicates all work, storage, etc becasue AWS needs to hold backup copy?

Many thanks in advance!

Dan Lewis-Toakley

Sep 16, 2021, 11:31:00 AM9/16/21
to Gosia Gawedzka, Cloud Carbon Footprint
Hi Gosia, 

Thanks for reaching out and being interested in Cloud Carbon Footprint! 

I think it might be best if we find some time to meet and discuss your questions synchronously. 

If that's okay with you, I'm based in the ET US time zone --- would there be a day/time Wednesday, Thursday or Friday next week that works for you?


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Gosia Gawedzka

Sep 16, 2021, 3:59:05 PM9/16/21
to Dan Lewis-Toakley, Cloud Carbon Footprint
Hi Dan,
Happy to have a chat.
I am based in the UK, so there is 5 hours difference.
I can meet next week on Wednesday 11 am ET US time , which will be 4pm in UK.
Should it be on MS teams or Zoom?

Kind regards,

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