How i can fix the Closure-Library CSS and "images"?

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Dadsam Gamer

Jun 28, 2019, 12:58:47 PM6/28/19
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in the web version. images,css and other things are fixed. but when the web version is downloaded by "github". images disappear and some css doesn't work. /[In the "closure/goog/demos/index.html" folder]

see the attachments

[ In Web Version ]


and in version of download.

in File.PNG

Nick Reid

Jul 16, 2019, 1:32:02 PM7/16/19
to Closure Library Discuss
I think the issue is that you're not running a web server. Opening a local file in your browser only loads the content of that one file; external resources that need to be loaded as part of that page won't be.

Try starting a simple webserver (Python comes with a very easy one) in the directory you downloaded. When you do it should print a local URL to the console. Navigate to that URL and I think things will work how you expect.

James Wright

Jan 8, 2020, 6:15:34 PM1/8/20
to Closure Library Discuss
The issue is that the CSS files do not specify a scheme for the image url's. If they all started with https:// instead of //, then these images would resolve correctly even when downloaded (although, they still would not resolve offline as they are hosted externally).

If you want to fix this, change all the url(// references here to url(
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