Closure Library Update: Removing Python Helper Scripts

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Kelvin Jin

Apr 13, 2021, 11:43:17 PM4/13/21
to Closure Library Discuss

Dear Closure Library users:

We are planning to deprecate and remove the Python helper scripts closure/bin/**/*.py from the Closure Library GitHub repository. These are old scripts that have been superseded by other, actively maintained, solutions:

  • closure/bin/build/ A convenience wrapper around Closure Compiler itself; users are encouraged to move to directly invoking Closure Compiler (this is mentioned in a warning emitted by the script).

  • closure/bin/build/ A tool to write deps.js files; users are encouraged to use google-closure-deps (a re-implementation in JavaScript) instead.

  • closure/bin/build/*.py (remaining files): These are helpers for the other scripts in the same directory. If you depend on these files, please fork them into your own repository.

  • closure/bin/ Obsoleted by closure/bin/build/, which is listed above.

Effective immediately, these scripts are deprecated, and will be removed from the Closure Library repository 30-60 days after deprecation (likely sometime in June 2021). To avoid unplanned disruption later, please migrate to the suggested alternatives as soon as possible.If you find that your usage is not covered by the suggested alternatives, please let us know by filing a GitHub issue.

We will keep this GitHub Wiki article up-to-date with details on migration as they come up.


The Closure Library Team

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