Pathom Performance Problems

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Scott Klarenbach

Aug 5, 2020, 12:58:47 PM8/5/20
to ClojureScript
I'm using pathom in clojurescript to do very basic joins from a clientside db (atom).  I have a a simple resolver that takes an id and outputs the scalar values of that entity (via a key lookup in the hashmap db).

I then have a global resolver that returns all entity ids in the db, and resolves each one via the single entity resolver defined before.

Querying the list (only 500 records) takes nearly 700 ms on my laptop.  Each resolver is simply doing a key lookup in a hashtable in memory and returning a few scalar values from one resolver.

My custom clojurescript code that was doing the lookups and joins manually via hashtables returns in 11 ms fully realized.

I can post the code but it's dead simple pasted from the doc examples.

Am I using the library correctly?  Is pathom meant to always start from a specific entity in the graph and isn't meant to query many entities like this?

I've tried changing to a batch resolver but it makes no difference seeing as this is an entirely in-memory db.

Any insights are appreciated.
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