[ANN] Release Candidate 4 of new version of CCW

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Laurent PETIT

Jan 13, 2011, 3:47:22 PM1/13/11
to counterclockwise, clojuredev-users

First of all, -of course-, I wish you all a happy new year !

And now, without more transition, "back to business" :-)

No, you didn't miss RC2 & RC3. I just "burned" these two version numbers during my internal tests :-/.

So here we are, a new Release Candidate, with lots interesting improvements (at least IMHO):

  * Editor more reliable:
    * it now lets you know if it's in an "unworkable" state (grayed background, tooltip message).
    * structural edition commands automatically disabled in case the editor is not able to reliably parse the source
    * note that in an eventual version of ccw, we'll be able to have a parse tree in all cases, so sometimes in the future, you'll not see this grayed background anymore.
    * In the mean time, this will help you feel less stressed, and also help us catch corner cases of the current parser

  * REPL UI improvements
    * code completion
    * true hyperlinks (not just F3 keyboard shortcut)
    * visual matching brackets
    * addition of reindent line (ctrl+alt+I) command
    * Added a 'connect to embedded nrepl server' command and keyboard shortcut for the command: 'Ctrl+Alt+E R'
    * made the repl acknowledgement wait progress bar smoother
    * correction of all known bugs in the input area
    * Additional Structural Edition commands:
      * Expand selection left/right/up, and select previous structure edition commands
      * Split/Join sexprs structure edition commands
      * raise over parent sexpr
      * Go to matching bracket
      * Switch between strict/default structural edition mode (as in the editor: Alt+D, or double click on status bar message)

  * REPL Connect dialog: made the default, and put focus on the port by default

  * Bug fixes:
    * #183 - Bare colons break structured editing
    * #191 - Namespace detection needs improvement
      * ccw now uses the parse tree of the source code. E.G. it should successfully detect namespace name like
          (ns ^{:author "Me!" :doc "
            ; some comment
            my-namespace ...)
    * #194 - 'Waiting for new REPL process ack' stays in the status bar
    * #182 - Ratios break structured editing (in fact, now exception in structured editing results in just going back to default editing)

We are well aware that we're faaar from having addressed all the "design issues" you all have raised as feedback of the RC1, but we still encourage you all to give a try to this RC2 !

How to install ?
  * if you already installed the RC1, then you just need to leverage Eclipse Software Update ( Help > Check for Updates ...)
  * If you have 0.0.64 currently installed, you first need to uninstall it ( Help > About Eclipse > Installation Detail > [select Counterclockwise] > Clic Uninstall )
  * then you install the RC, which is installable from the same update site, but named differently: It's in the "Release Candidate" category, name "Counterclockwise .. REPL UI branch"


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