Very slow “Update project dependencies” with Counterclockwise behind a proxy

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Philipp Neumann

Mar 22, 2017, 7:18:06 AM3/22/17
to counterclockwise-users

I'm using Counterclockwise, Version 0.35.1.STABLE001, in Eclipse Neon, Version 4.6.2.

I'm behind a proxy (http_proxy=... is set) and when I save the project.clj it takes a very long time for "Update project dependencies" to finish. The proxy does scan every file and this might be the cause.

As a resolution, I added
:repositories ^:replace [["myrepo" "<.private repo url.>"]
            ["central" {:url "" :update :daily}]
            ["clojars" {:url "" :update :daily}]]

If I use Leiningen directly, the resolution of all dependencies is pretty fast. But it seems to me, that ccw works differently.

Philipp Neumann

Mar 22, 2017, 11:34:49 AM3/22/17
to counterclockwise-users


I think, I found the problem:
It has nothing to do with the proxy. I have a very slow ~\.m2 directory (on the network) and configured maven to use a path on the local drive.
I also put :local-repo "local-m2" into the project.clj, but both entries get ignored by ccw, as it simply calls


:coordinates deps
:repositories repositories)

As a result, aether uses the default local repository ~\.m2\repository

From aether/resolve-artifacts* documentation:

:local-repo - path to the local repository (defaults to ~/.m2/repository)

I'll post an issue for that.
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