[ANN] appengine-magic 0.4.0: Clojure on Google App Engine

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Constantine Vetoshev

Mar 28, 2011, 12:30:28 AM3/28/11
to Clojure
I would like to announce the release of appengine-magic version 0.4.0,
a library designed to make it easier to write Clojure applications for
Google App Engine.

appengine-magic abstracts away nearly all the boilerplate necessary to
deploy an App Engine application. It also enables interactive
development through the REPL. It has full support for most App Engine
services: the datastore, memcache, user Google account authentication,
the blobstore, sending and receiving email, task queues, image
processing, remote URL access, and server push.

0.4.0 is a significant improvement over previous versions, and

- Support for the latest App Engine SDK.
- Support for all App Engine API operations in the interactive
REPL, as long as the application is running. This includes all
datastore and memcache operations.
- Support for using the /_ah/admin console when running in
interactive REPL mode.
- Support for deploying applications with multiple
environments (e.g., production and staging can be deployed
separately from the same project.clj definition).
- Bindings for the App Engine image processing API.
- Bindings for server push (Channel API).


The library is available in Clojars. The README file fully documents
the available API. Please note that this release includes several
minor breaking changes; they are detailed in the HISTORY file.

Comments, bug reports, questions, and patches welcome.

Constantine Vetoshev


Mar 28, 2011, 3:09:34 AM3/28/11
to clo...@googlegroups.com, Constantine Vetoshev
Congrats and thanks,

I've been hacking Clojure on GAE for a while now and appengine-magic makes it incredibly easy (I'd say even easier than java/python deployments).


Mar 28, 2011, 4:31:46 AM3/28/11
to Clojure
Amazing work. In my previous tests i did all the dirty work by hand to
learn the guts of clojure way to use gae but i want to start a
personal project a little bit more serious and i am going to use your
lib. I hope i'll can help with some feedback.

Congrats and thanks!
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