[ANN] Alia 3.0.0 - High performance Cassandra client

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Max Penet

Jan 29, 2016, 6:06:57 AM1/29/16
to Clojure
Alia is reaching 3.0.0, following its parent project
datastax/java-driver. It covers the most recent features of the
official client, while making it more pleasant to work from clojure.

Alia is mature and very stable, it's been nearly bug free for years.
It is in use by some very serious companies in domains ranging from
cloud hosting, HFT, media broadcasting & data analytics among others.

Alia is extensible in many ways: control of ResultSet decoding via
IReduce, lazy or not, cell type decoding via protocol, optional
core.async/manifold/callback interface for async, blocking or
non-blocking IO, rows streaming, etc.

And finally thanks to the contributors who made this release better through contributions and/or suggestions:

* Derek Troy-West
* Pierre-Yves Riʦchard
* @mccraigmccraig (of the clan mccraig!)
* Tao Lin
* Kiyu Gabriel
* @acron0
* @kharus


Max Penet

Jan 29, 2016, 6:18:07 AM1/29/16
to Clojure
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