[ANN] Clojure 1.9.0-alpha10

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Alex Miller

Jul 11, 2016, 10:28:41 AM7/11/16
to Clojure
Clojure 1.9.0-alpha10 is now available.

Try it via

- Leiningen: [org.clojure/clojure "1.9.0-alpha10"]

1.9.0-alpha10 includes the following changes since 1.9.0-alpha9:

- NEW clojure.core/any? - a predicate that matches anything. any? has built-in gen support. The :clojure.spec/any spec has been removed. Additionally, gen support has been added for some?.

- keys* will now gen

- gen overrides (see c.s/gen, c.s./exercise, c.s.t/check, c.s.t/instrument) now expect no-arg functions that return gens, rather than gens

- CLJ-1977 - fix regression from alpha9 in data conversion of Throwable when stack trace is empty
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