[ANN]: clojuresque 1.4.0 released

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Meikel Brandmeyer

Feb 7, 2011, 5:24:51 PM2/7/11
to clo...@googlegroups.com
Dear fellow clojurians,

I'd like to announce release 1.4 of the clojuresque plugin for gradle. It makes gradle clojure aware and helps with compiling and testing clojure code in gradle-powered projects.

Changes to 1.3:
* compatible with gradle 0.9
* leiningen style deps task
* ueberjar is renamed to uberjar
* clojuresque configuration renamed to development (similar leiningen's :dev-dependencies), clojuresque is now an internal configuration used by clojuresque itself
* split in two plugins: clojure-min provides just basic clojure functionality, clojure provides the full thing including uberjar and deps
* new task type ClojureExec allowing to execute clojure functions, also clojureexec (complementing JavaExec and javaexec from gradle)
* compile and test drivers are now separated into a runtime jar, which is added automatically as a dependency. Make sure it is on the classpath (by adding clojars to the repositories or adding it manually)
* tests in src/test/clojure are now executed by virtue of clojure.test. Tests may be named to run only these. (EXPERIMENTAL)

Example for the new ClojureExec task type:

(ns hello.world)

(defn greet
[phrase & things]
(doseq [thing things]
(println (str phrase " " thing "!"))))

task greet(type: clojuresque.ClojureExec) {
classpath = project.files(
main = "hello.world/greet"
args = [ "Salut", "World", "Welt", "Monde", "свят" ]

The documentation is still lacking. I'm sorry. However things should work fine for "normal" builds. Tests are still experimental and don't fit well into the gradle way at the moment.

Feel free to report any issue or drop in improvements at http://kotka.lighthouseapp.com/projects/45093-clojuresque/overview or via email directly.

You can get clojuresque from clojars as "clojuresque:clojuresque:1.4.0".




Feb 9, 2011, 4:30:01 PM2/9/11
to Clojure
hi meikel,

thank you for this ...

i have published a gist that showcases a clojure-based webapp
and uses gradle/clojuresque for the build.


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