is this a bug? tools.nrepl 0.2.13 in Alpine linux

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Neil Okamoto

Sep 21, 2017, 7:07:17 PM9/21/17
to Clojure

Copying this over from a discussion in the clojurians slack:

The description in the ticket NREPL-83 suggests "start-server" will try “::” first and then fall back to “localhost”.  However, running in Alpine Linux, the attempt to bind “::” throws an exception and the fallback to "localhost" never occurs. AFAIK, Alpine is different in more ways than one... ipv6 disabled by default, and also musl-libc has its own resolver, so multiple factors could be adding up here.

The result however is an exception and behavior that doesn't match the expectation established in the docs, at least the way I'm reading them. Obviously the caller can workaround this problem by explicitly passing a :bind argument, like (start-server :port p :bind "localhost").

Here' a transcript to show what I mean: 

lines 1-74 is the transcript of launching alpine, installing lein, and creating a project with nrepl 0.2.13

lines 75-76 demonstrate the exception when no :bind is specified

lines 78-79 would be a workaround

lines 90-91 duplicates the exception by doing essentially what is going on inside tools.repl


Neil Okamoto

Oct 14, 2017, 2:35:35 PM10/14/17
to Clojure
I just opened NREPL-87 for this...
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