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Chas Emerick

Feb 24, 2012, 11:38:40 PM2/24/12
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For some time, I've felt the need for a generalized group / community where one can discuss issues that affect or interest all Clojure tools. The main Clojure ML is a bit too noisy to sustain focused discussion of tool development topics; clojure-dev is, well, clojure/dev-focused; and so on.

Whatever project you are involved in — Leiningen, swank-clojure, Counterclockwise, vimclojure, Maven/Gradle/ant Clojure support, various Leiningen plugins, foundational bits to support code completion, REPL stuffs, beginner-friendly Clojure distributions, platform/distro packaging for any of the above, etc., etc., etc. — consider yourself welcome here. I think there are a ton of opportunities for us to coordinate and collaborate, far more than we are actually taking advantage of.

Likewise, if you are an "engaged user" that can provide constructive, applicable feedback or ideas in the area of Clojure tooling, make yourself at home. While tech support should be directed elsewhere (i.e. wherever user support is provided for a tool you might be having problems with), your considered feedback is often instrumental in making sure that tools are built to take all use cases into account. And, at the end of the day, it is a rare successful project that got that way without actively engaging and involving the wider community.

Looking forward to the things we'll build together,

- Chas Emerick

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