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Michael Klishin

Jun 15, 2016, 5:47:13 PM6/15/16
Ogre [1] is a Clojure dialect of Gremlin, a DSL for querying and otherwise
working with Apache TinkerPop [2] graphs.

Over the last 6 months or so Ogre maintainers have moved it to target
TinkerPop 3.x.
Since TinkerPop itself has changed quite a bit and is now an Apache
incubator project,
Ogre API had to change a few times.

We are happy to announce that the first milestone release is up on
If you are interested in working with TinkerPop from Clojure, please
give Ogre a try and
let us know how it goes. Since the API is not entirely set in stone
yet on either TinkerPop
or Ogre end, it may change without a notice. For the same reason we
don't have documentation
guides updated. We aim to keep this new version of Ogre compatible
with TinkerPop 3.x as it
evolves and documented well when the API is stable enough.

I'd like to thank Stephen Mallette and Andrew Fitzgerald for doing
99% of the work in this release.

In case you have a specific suggestion or run into a bug or a
usability problem, please
file an issue on GitHub [1].

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