Clojure/West - San Jose, CA - March 16-17

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Alex Miller

Jan 12, 2012, 12:42:00 AM1/12/12
to Clojure Study Group Washington DC
Clojure/West is a new all-Clojure (and ClojureScript) conference. The
sessions have been selected and posted on the web site:
In addition we will have keynotes from Rich Hickey, Stuart Halloway,
Bradford Cross, and Richard Gabriel.

Clojure/West is March 16-17th at the San Jose Marriott in San Jose,
CA. If you're interested in attending, the Early Bird price of $450
only lasts until January 20th so act fast! Register here:

Clojure/West also includes several training sessions prior to the
conference (at separate cost):
- Clojure Web with Chris Granger, creator of Noir, Pinot, and Korma -
- Cascalog with Sam Ritchie, coauthor of "Big Data" from Manning and
Cascalog committer
- Pallet with Hugo Duncan and Toni Batchelli, the creators and
maintainers of Pallet
- Intro to Clojure with members of Clojure/core
- - full info
- - registration

We have a great list of sponsors already: DRW Trading, Runa,
Thoughtworks, LonoCloud, 8th Light, Groupon, Relevance, Basho, and
GitHub. If you're interested in sponsoring Clojure/West, check out
the prospectus:

Alex Miller

Serge Wroclawski

Jan 12, 2012, 11:07:41 AM1/12/12
Pycon Ends the 15th in Santa Clara.. Hrm....

Gotta wonder about such coincidences.

- Serge

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