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Michael Klishin

Aug 6, 2012, 3:24:00 PM8/6/12
Spyglass ( is a small and very fast Clojure client for Memcached that can also be used
with Couchbase Server and Kestrel. Spyglass is built on top of SpyMemcached, a mature battled tested
Memcached client.

What can you do with Spyglass?

* Perform sync and async classic K/V operations (get, set, delete, etc)
* Async operation results can be @dereferenced
* Use multi-get and CAS
* Use text or binary protocol
* Use servers that support Memcached protocol, like Couchbase Server and Kestrel

To get started, see

Like other projects, Spyglass EPL-licensed, targets Clojure 1.3+, continuously tested against
Memcached and Couchbase, 3 Clojure versions and 3 JDKs on!/clojurewerkz/spyglass

New releases and important announcements are posted on Twitter @ClojureWerkz. There's also a mailing list:!forum/clojure-memcached.

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