[ANN] Release 0.33.0 of Counterclockwise

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Laurent PETIT

Aug 6, 2015, 6:16:12 PM8/6/15
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Counterclockwise, the Eclipse Clojure development tool.

Counterclockwise 0.33.0 has been released.


- double-click in front of forms select the whole form
- double-click inside a symbol selects the whole symbol (does not stop at hyphens)
- Outline accepts tagged litterals
- Load file in REPL loads again the file's content in the REPL and automatically switches it to the REPL (regression in 0.32.0)
- On OS X, $PATH passed to Leiningen is fixed (addition of missing /usr/local/bin) so that e.g. phantomjs &al can be used in cljs tests
- Build pipeline of CCW binaries ported back to Travis CI (including UI tests, and on their new Docker-based platform) => will simplify builds, help with the build of Pull Requests, and cut down costs by allowing removal of the jenkins server, eventually.
- enhancements to the `ccw.api.markers` API: made both more robust and easier to use. The `ccw-plugin-eastwood` plugin has been adapted to these changes. Will probably be shipped out-of-the-box in future releases of CCW. Please test it! https://github.com/ccw-ide/ccw-plugin-eastwood/
- fix Preference Settings concerning Colors (was a regression in 0.32.0)


Installation instructions


Laurent Petit
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