native api appears to be missing a get-template call

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Dave Tenny

Jun 3, 2016, 7:27:37 AM6/3/16
to clojure-elasticsearch
There's functions to create, delete, and put templates, but nothing to retrieve it unless I'm missing it somewhere.
Just checking in to make sure I'm not missing it and/or raise awareness.  

I'm just doing:

 (-> conn .admin .indices 
            (.getTemplates (GetIndexTemplatesRequest. (into-array String [template-name])))
            .actionGet .getIndexTemplates seq)

for my own purposes for now.

Dave Tenny

Jun 3, 2016, 8:39:06 AM6/3/16
to clojure-elasticsearch
Boy, those ImmutableOpenMap results in ES are a pain, aren't they.  
re: conversion.clj's comment on needing a way to deal with them.
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