Allow anonymous functions in threading macro without extra parens?

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Rob Nikander

Apr 26, 2018, 10:26:05 AM4/26/18
to Clojure Dev
Why not? Sometimes it makes sense, and the extra parens seem ugly to me.  You loose the ability the thread the form `(fn <here> [arg ...] body ...)` but that's hardly useful.

For example, this macro adds a simple `if` branch to the `->` macro in clojure.core:

(defmacro -->
  "Variation of -> macro that allows anonymous functions without extra parentheses."
  [x & forms]
  (loop [x x, forms forms]
    (if forms
      (let [form (first forms)
            threaded (if (seq? form)
                       (if (or (= 'fn* (first form))
                               (= 'fn (first form)))
                         (with-meta `(~form ~x) (meta form)) ;; new branch for 'fn 'fn*
                         (with-meta `(~(first form) ~x ~@(next form)) (meta form)))
                       (list form x))]
        (recur threaded (next forms)))

(defn test []
  (--> 5
       #(* % %)
       (fn [x] (- x 1))
       (vector :b :c)))


Christophe Grand

Apr 27, 2018, 3:28:23 AM4/27/18
Or you can just use as-> (granted there’s no as->>)

(-> 5
  (as-> % (* % %))
  (as-> x (- x 1))
  (vector :b :c))

Alan Thompson

Apr 29, 2018, 8:34:31 PM4/29/18
to clojure-dev
I prefer the it-> macro for these situations:

    (it-> 5
      (inc it)
      (* it it)
      (- it 1)
      (vector :a it :c))     ;=> [:a 35 :c]

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