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Brian D'Agostino

Aug 18, 2021, 7:18:25 PM8/18/21
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Since the collapse of the puppet US government in Afghanistan on Sunday, there has been a torrent of sanctimonious verbiage about the human rights of Afghan women and girls and of the loyal collaborators the United States is leaving behind.  The pundits and public figures who are beating this drum are either inexcusably naive or inexcusably cynical.  This is what war propaganda looks like.  Similarly, all the agonizing over how America's chaotic exit is going to undermine U.S. credibility the next time "we" need collaborators illustrates how the agenda of imperial elites gets propagated to a broader public.  Meanwhile, some journalism on this topic broke out today.  The first article I want to mention gives some plausible insight into why the U.S. has really been in Afghanistan all this time and why Washington is in such a frenzy right now about this horrible setback to the corporate elites and the masters of the universe in the Pentagon.  It is entitled "The Taliban are sitting on $1 trillion worth of minerals the world desperately needs;" see:  The second article I find worth reading is "The Taliban Have Claimed Afghanistan’s Real Economic Prize:"

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