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Bethard, Steven John - (bethard)

Nov 25, 2016, 9:59:35 AM11/25/16
to Clinical TempEval
Yes, there are a few raw files from the colon cancer data (ID*) that do not have annotations. Depending on your approach, the raw text may still be useful to you. If your approach uses only annotated data, feel free to simply ignore any raw text files that have no corresponding annotations.


On 11/24/16, 00:15, someone wrote:

I noticed that the raw data and annotation data may not be one on one strictly

For example, the 4 raw files showed in train folder, but I cannot find the annotation in annotation folder. I also checked the Dev and Test folder in Annotations, still cannot find one.
So how should I treat the files like that? I am sure I am not the first one to face the situation since so many team take part in the ClinicalTemp last few years.


/thymedata-1.3.0-coloncancer-test/coloncancer/Train/ID008_clinic_022(cannot find)


/thymedata-1.3.0-coloncancer-test/coloncancer/Train/ID008_clinic_024(cannot find)


/thymedata-1.3.0-coloncancer-test/coloncancer/Train/ID008_path_023(cannot find)


/thymedata-1.3.0-coloncancer-test/coloncancer/Train/ID217_clinic_634(cannot find)

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