Is abrupt climate change happening?

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Apr 7, 2011, 4:32:14 PM4/7/11
to Climate Intervention

I was reading a presentation by Dr. Shakhova to the U.S. DOE in
December 2010 and on page 34 of her presentation is states that:

"Bad news: directly observed fluxes exceed estimated by up 3 orders of

Interpretation of acoustical data recorded with deployed multibeam
sonar allowed moderate quantification of bottom fluxes as high as 44 g/
m2/d (Leifer et al., in preparation). Prorating these numbers to the
areas of hot spots (210×103 km2) adds 3.5Gt to annual methane release
from the ESAS. This is enough to trigger abrupt climate change
(Archer, 2005)."

I've read in Curt Stager's book that both he and David Archer think
sub-sea permafrost methane release is a long term (centuries) process.
However I see John Nissen and others like James Lovelock say
catastrophe is imminent.

I've read Alvia's summary of a 4 GtC released as methane scenario,
however it doesn't elucidate time scales.

Can anyone confirm the accuracy of the report and what will be the
result? I see James Hansen saying our pollution is already blocking 1
or 2 watts per square meter; will SRM become necessary now?

For reference, i'm 25, quit my job as a pilot to go to university and
join the army. I follow climate/energy/environment closely and can't
help but think our behavior is causing war and collapse.
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