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Oct 24, 2007, 5:26:59 PM10/24/07
to Climate Change 101 - News and Information on Climate Change
In this day and age we have come along way from the wheel and sharp
pointy sticks. We have created products and innovations to make our
lives very convenient and healthy, or so we think. There are more and
more cleaning products that are advertised showing you little or no
effort to get all your cleaning needs done. All you do is simply aim,
gently pull the trigger and presto, no more soap scum, mold or germs,
they all just magically dissapear! :O

In all of this excitement people tend to lose their judgment and fail
to realize that they contain toxic, dangerous man-made chemicals and
pesticides. Caution, danger, and warning aren't written in bold on
labels for looks, these are harsh chemicals that can be harmful to
your health and others aswell. If you have a dog and frogot to fill
his/her water dish and the toiletseat is left up, what do you think
he's going to drink. It might not show up right away but chemicals do
build up in any persons body over time.

Now if you think of it, if it harms our health then what about the
earths health? These chemicals start to build too! I donno about you
but i like our planet and do realize that there is that other planet
gliese 581c that's what, 20 lightyears away! Like seriously we are
just starting to travel within our own solarsytem and look at where
we're going. We can make a difference if we try, i have a link to a
site that promotes healthy natural products to us our pets and our
Earth. Give it a try and make a difference. :)
here's the link

just copy and paste, and thank you for caring about me, you, the
and everything in it :)

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