Preprocessing as a step to attacks

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Oct 25, 2018, 1:25:18 PM10/25/18
to cleverhans dev

I was wondering if we can hooks that will allow us to preprocess the adversarial patterns generated before running the inference.  I do know that blur filtering helps in defending against FGSM though fails against C&W attacks ( and I was wondering if we can actually take advantage of a myriad of image processing/de-noising procedures.  If we don't have something like that, I'd be happy to contribute to that.

Thank you.

Akash G

Ian Goodfellow

Oct 25, 2018, 6:52:10 PM10/25/18
The easiest way to do this is to just put it in Model.fprop.

You can write Models that wrap other Models and add preprocessing.

Here's an example that does test-time data augmentation with multiple crops and flips:

class Augmentor(Model):

  def __init__(self, raw):
    self.raw = raw

  def get_params(self):
    return self.raw.get_params()

  def fprop(self, x):
    mode = "REFLECT"
    assert mode in 'REFLECT SYMMETRIC CONSTANT'.split()
    pad = [2, 2]

    def _pad(img):
      return tf.pad(img, [[pad[0], pad[0]], [pad[1], pad[1]], [0, 0]], mode)
    xp = tf.map_fn(_pad, x)
    xs = []
    for i in xrange(pad[0] * 2):
      for j in xrange(pad[1] * 2):
        xs.append(tf.slice(xp, [0, i, j, 0], tf.shape(x)))
        with tf.device("/CPU:0"):

    def f(xarg):
      return self.raw.get_logits(xarg)

    logits = [f(e) for e in xs]
    logits = tf.add_n(logits) / len(logits)
    return {'logits': logits}

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