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Chris Clymer

May 14, 2010, 1:17:07 AM5/14/10
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We had a few representatives from The Open Organization Of
Lockpickers visit the lockpick village at Notacon last month and they
were pretty impressed with what they saw. For anyone not familiar,
TOOOL is an international group dedicated to lockpicking and
locksport, they have chapters all over the US and Europe, put on
conferences like Lockcon, and have a heavy presence at hacker cons
like Defcon and Shmoocon. They've also put together some really nice
sets of picks (like my credit card picks!)

They expressed interest in having our little group work more closely
with TOOOL in the future, and possibly become a TOOOL chapter
ourselves. At the meeting this Saturday I'd like to discuss this all
with everyone, explain a little more about TOOOL, what the group could
gain form this, and get a sense of what everyones level of interest in
this is.

Regardless of wether we decide to join TOOOL they were very
interested in further collaboration, and to this end Deviant Ollam of
TOOOL US is sending a "care package" of locks our way, I'll hopefully
have these for next month's meeting.

For a little more background on TOOOL you can checkout http://toool.us

See everyone on Saturday!

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