Looking for a Really Nice Background Image for your Clementine Player Desktop/Laptop?

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Stephen LoPiano

Apr 22, 2021, 6:05:45 PM4/22/21
to Clementine Music Player
I have created this really neat looking background that fits perfectly into the Clementine music player.   I'd like to share it with any other Clementine users for your own player.
I use a desktop and believe any desktop or laptop would work well, not sure about smaller size devices.     If interested here is a link to where you can view and download this image for use:    https://www.deviantart.com/stephenl/art/A-Unique-Design-815109209
If you have any problems accessing a .jpg from Deviant Art leave your email address here and I will send you a .jpg that way.

If you are uncertain of how to add this image to your background here's a guide.
Open Clementine and the Tools option in the drop down menu, then select Preferences.    On the left hand side is a list of options, select Appearance.
Move to the right hand side of options and the option Background Image.
Select the Custom Image option then click on the Browse option to the far right that will allow you to locate the directory where you have the image stored then load it into the Player.    From here depending upon which version of Clementine and what operating system you are using you need to adjust the Blur amount option and Opacity.    In the top area you should change the Colors  options for foreground and background colors depending upon the version of Clementine you have on whatever operating system you are using.    Some versions will change the left side area background (Music Library), best to change to a dark blue and/or purple hue that matches this image if available.    There are older operating systems that will not allow you to change this option and default white is the only option.    If you can change this background then change the foreground color to a light tinted blue/purple or plain white for your fonts.    If you cannot change this background and white is your only option your best option is go back to the Background Image area and adjust the Opacity setting to approximately 50% so the playlist font information is legible.      
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