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David Sansome

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27 dic 2011, 17:17:3927/12/11
a Clementine Music Player
Clementine 1.0 has added Grooveshark support, but you need a
Grooveshark Anywhere account to use it.

We've teamed up with Grooveshark to give away 150 free Grooveshark
Anywhere accounts to Clementine users.

What you have to do:
* Download Clementine 1.0
* Send an email to which
should include:
- A screenshot of you using Clementine 1.0 on your computer.
- Your Grooveshark username or the email address you use on your
Grooveshark account.
* Wait for your Grooveshark account to be upgraded.
* Enjoy Grooveshark inside Clementine!


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