Is Control-R to Show in Finder / File Explorer available as a keyboard shortcut please?

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Tom Atkinson

Oct 10, 2021, 5:55:03 AM10/10/21
to Clementine Music Player
I was curious if Control-R is being used anywhere?
I'd like to use it for "show original". As in, to pull up the file explorer.
I have a mega bad problem with my library. I mean it's great. But it has some serious duplication issues. I am doing runs of de-dupe on it, but there is bit rot, meta-data rot causing de-dupe issues, and although unrelated, there is also files with very weird characters in them that confuse some shell scripts that i use to keep things in sync ~500 GB but i estimate on 15,000 unique songs.
And it's fully synced and half synced across my LAN to add a little spice to it.
So having Control-R would be a god-send. I prey it is the will of Allah! :)
And Jah Rastafari will give praise and thanks if this can happen.
I might even have a go hacking it in one day open source stylee.
Until then... there is this message. #FEATUREREQUEST

PS iTunes uses [command][r]  to "Show in Finder" so [command][r] would be the Bizznizzle on macOS version. I'm on Linux now. Zorin OS 16 in fact.


Oct 11, 2021, 12:38:54 AM10/11/21
to Clementine Music Player
Tools>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts  for available choices 
Right click on a song to open in file browser

The meta data editor on clem is limited
I use EasyTAG does better on issues of changing the file names and handling special characters
There are other meta data editors
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