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Apr 11, 2022, 8:39:45 PMApr 11
to Clementine Music Player
I'm using Clementine 1.4 on the latest Ubuntu Desktop.

I have the digitial output go via a Musicial Fidelity DAC with Digital Pre-Amp (DPA) Mode turned off and feeding into a Yamaha Amp.

I found that if I turn the volume on the Clementine player higher than 50, the output sometimes gets distorted. The distortian is most audible on something like a Ballad where the 's' sounds more and more like a hiss the higher you turn the Clementine Volume.

All my Music is in Flac.

Not sure which libraries Clementine uses under the hood to play the audio, but a friend of mine is a sound engineer and he can't find a reason why the Volume on the player should have any impact on the sound quality.

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