SQL error when trying to add "never played" Smart Playlist

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Karl Mellerup

Jul 11, 2021, 2:40:07 PM7/11/21
to Clementine Music Player
When I try to add the Smart Playlist called "never played" it usually adds the songs I have never played in Clementine before. It has worked fine up until I made my last "Do a full library rescan". Now when I try to add that smart playlist nothing happens. 

To get some output I started it from the terminal and when I add that playlist I get this:

20:36:40.973 ERROR Database:595                     db error:  QSqlError("", "Unable to fetch row", "No query")
20:36:40.973 ERROR Database:596                     faulty query:  "SELECT ROWID,title, album, artist, albumartist, composer, tr
ack, disc, bpm, year, genre, comment, compilation, bitrate, samplerate, directory, filename, mtime, ctime, filesize, sampler, ar
t_automatic, art_manual, filetype, playcount, lastplayed, rating, forced_compilation_on, forced_compilation_off, effective_compi
lation, skipcount, score, beginning, length, cue_path, unavailable, effective_albumartist, etag, performer, grouping, lyrics, or
iginalyear, effective_originalyear FROM songs WHERE (playcount = '0') AND unavailable = 0 ORDER BY  DESC LIMIT -13500158"
20:36:40.973 ERROR Database:597                     bound values:  QMap()

Does anyone know why I get this error and if there is something I can do to make it go away? 
I am using Clementine 1.4 rc1 in KDE neon.

Thanks in advance!


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