Moving your music library around, a caveat.

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Scott Gardner

Jun 3, 2021, 7:59:50 PM6/3/21
to Clementine Music Player
This is just a warning, something I didn't think about.  So don't panic if it happens to you.

  I have a separate Hard drive on my linux /windows computer called "Data" just for Music, Movies, etc.    It is where I save all my music files.  I finally got around to making it auto mount on bootup, since it is shared across the network. Well after I did that Clementine could not find it, so my play lists were pretty useless.  The problem,  since I automounted it by adding a line to my fstab file, the link in Clementine "under media library" pointed to the wrong place and my playlists also used the old disc's location.  The old location used the path:media/<name>/DATA/Music, 

the new path is Mnt/<universally unique identifier (uuid)>/Music

Something to think about, I am an "Advanced  beginner" when it comes to Linux, so I never considered this.

Mike Eddy

Jun 4, 2021, 8:00:56 AM6/4/21
to Clementine Music Player
You can define the mount point in fstab ... something like 

UUID=blahblahblah    /media/<name>/DATA/Music    ext4    defaults        1 2

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