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May 1, 2022, 1:47:30 PMMay 1
to Clementine Music Player
- I have a moderate size mp3 collection on a usb hdd, organized in folders (by mood - upbeat, nice n slow etc.).
- My workflow is to I load up one of the folders in "Files" tab, select a couple of dozen songs, and saving to a playlist.
- when selecting songs, I need to quickly preview the song (i.e. listen to a few seconds of the song), before adding it to the playlist (since I can't remember most songs by the title); I prefer to do this one song at a time (i.e. adding multiple songs (without previewing) to the playlist first, and previewing them afterwards, doesn't work for me)
- [problem#1] however I can't seem to preview, without any previewed song getting added to the playlist; then I have to remove it from the list if I don't like it.
- tools > preferences > behavior >  "double clicking a song will .. "  would have worked if the first drop down had an option "don't add it anywhere" (with the second drop down "always start playing")
- [problem#2] when saving the playlist, I would like to keep saving it as I progress through building the playlist (and not wait until I'm fully done); however the file save dialog keeps prompting for each save attempt; ideally the first save should prompt the dialog and subsequent saves should just silently save.
Appreciate any help on this; thanks.

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