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Darwin A.

Jun 26, 2022, 10:50:56 PMJun 26
to Clementine Music Player

#1 The way I play an "album/cd" now is: go to Library,  select (ctl click) the "album", choose "replace current playlist with ...".  Is there a more direct way to do that? It works fine for me,  but it might be a bit difficult to explain to others.

Is there a FAQ somewhere?

Upcoming questions from me:
  Is there a searchable help tab?
  For removing duplicates, is there a way to get it to remove "file 1.m4a"  in preference to to removing "file1. m4a". Spaces in file names are EVIL! What I'll do in the meantime is remove the files from the filesystem and then re-scan.
Does it run native on the newer Mac M1 chips?

Intel Mac HighSierra
Clementine Version 1.3.1


Jun 28, 2022, 7:26:08 PMJun 28
to Clementine Music Player
That seems like a normal way to select & play an album
Just doing an internet search will get you better results than the small amount of official documentation available, there is a wiki on github
You can enable file names as one of the playlist headers, I let clementine "Monitor the library for changes" changes are reflected immediately
No idea about mac stuff, I'm on linux...

For me smart playlists are the reason to use clementine
I use the comment & group fields which are part of the file meta data, ratings & playcounts are not  
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